Electric motors for industrial washing machines

From the motors for basket to self-priming pumps, are the result of over 30 years of experience in the field.

MOTORS for BASKET (discontinued MOTORs. For information contact the technical office)

designed for the basket of industrial washing machines. Mechanical protection IP21 and IP54 in accordance with machinery directive 89/392 CEE. The powers vary from 0.15 to 22kW.


COMPRESSORS for industrial use

Running with direct drive, is provided with 2.5 litre tank with on/off pressure switch and safety valve set at 10 ATM, splash lubrication is achieved and guaranteed from oil located in the compressor crankcase, the level can be inspected by the appropriate dipstick, the BER-MAR compressor is only oil lubricated. The direct drive compressor is specifically designed for a standard use, is very compact, light and easy to install. The BER-MAR compressor is supplied ready for use and is already complete with oil to lubricate the piston and connecting rod of the crank mechanism, the standard calibration is made by 4 to 6 BAR.



Specific pumps for solvents. Designed for performance at the highest level while guaranteeing long service life, easy maintenance and high energy saving.



Blowers/vacuums Ber-Mar has been designed and manufactured for use in all industrial environments and/or civilians who need the air movement in a safe, economical and quiet.



The operation of the aspirators-side channel blowers, is based on the principle of the outflow of the fluid, by means of the vortices created by the centrifugal thrust of a special impeller inside a peripheral toroidal channel. This concept, combined with a high mechanical precision shims at the points where this fluid is interrupted, it can create pressure and vacuum, the declared values from the curves of this booklet, without any contact between the rotating and static.
Blowers do not need lubrication and maintenance. The air moved by these appliances is not contaminated, the operation is quiet, continuously, without wear and without pulsation of fluid.