Maximum radial load on the shaft

The table H radial load values calculated considering a life of:
- 20000 hours for 2-pole motors
- 40000 hours for 4, 6, 8 poles motors with a frequency of 50 Hz.
For use at 60 Hz the values must be reduced by 6% to obtain the same life time.
For two-speed motors consider higher speed.
The point of application of BR must be included in the shaft.

FR = radial load (ex: pump + pulley weight) [N]
F = pump [N]
M = torque [Nm]
P = rated power [kW]
n = rated motor speed [1/min]
D = pulley diameter [m]
K = calculation factors depending on the type of pulley:
consider the following factors
K = 3 for normal-type belts, without pulley
K = 2 for normal type, belts with pulley
K = 2.2 V-belts or special type flat

If the shaft is applied in X 2 the radial load top limit of table H you can apply an additional axial load FA within the limits of table I.
If radial load is less than, greater axial loads are allowed (on request).