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All services provided by BER-MAR srl are regulated exclusively by the following terms and conditions of sale that are made known to operators also by the inclusion in the catalogs of the goods produced. Any clause or condition that may be established by the buyer is null if in contrast with the following terms and if not expressly undersigned by ourselves. For anything not expressly envisaged, the rules of law in force in Italy, also for goods sold abroad.

The following general conditions of sale are applicable to both electric motors BER-MAR Srl as well as those marketed by BER-MAR srl and imported.


Any offer is not binding.

The offer is considered accepted only upon our written confirmation of the order, after fully clarifying all technical and commercial details.

The information given in our catalogs, brochures and price lists are not binding, therefore we reserve the right to make any changes to our products, which we believe to be an improvement, and the relevant price lists.


The contract prices are the ones given on Receipts Order. The prices are for goods delivered Ex Works, excluding packing and all other costs, except where otherwise agreed specifications.

The BER-MAR srl It reserves any right to change prices at the time of delivery, in the event of significant changes in the cost of manpower and / or of raw materials. If the change in price is higher than 5%, the customer has the right to cancel the order.


The terms times given on the Order Confirmation are purely indicative and are observed as far as possible with the exclusion of all possible claims for compensation by the Customer for any delays.

The BER-MAR srl It is still entirely freed from all commitments concerning lead times in the following cases:

a) When the Buyer fails to observe the agreed terms of payment.

b) In case of force majeure or events such as: lockouts, strikes or anyhow abstention from work, epidemics, war, requisition, fire, flooding, manufacturing accidents, suspension or delay in transportation.

c) When the buyer fails to provide timely data necessary to effect the supply and / or materials that it reserved the right to provide the Seller.


Thedelivery isperformedto all intents andpurposes with the verbal or written communicationthat the goods areat the buyer's disposalforthewithdrawal, orupon deliveryto the carrier.Been delivered,all risksrelating tomaterial soldare assumedby the buyer.The shipment isalwaysmadeat the expenseand risk of the buyerwiththe meansdeemedmost suitableby us,where they have notbeen givenany specialinstructions.Loss, delayor damageof the materialresulting fromthe shipmentmay not be chargedto theBER-MAR S.r.l..In case ofshipment byour vehicles,thismeansmadecarriage forwardat best andunder the full responsibilityof the buyer.

In case of delayedreceipt of goods, anyhowready,for whatever reason are notdependent onour willtheBER-MARS.r.l.may,after eight daysof the communicationofready goods,havethe packing,shipment orstorage of the goodsat the buyer's expenseand issueaninvoiceforthe sale of the materialon a regular basis.


Payments must be made at the domicile of the BER-MAR Srl and according to the agreed Terms.
In case of delayed payment the BER-MAR srl will have every right to charge "arrears" at the rate of 4% over the reference rate EURIBOR 3 months.
Default or delayed payment authorizes BER-MAR Srl the immediate suspension of supply of other materials, as well as cancel any orders without the Buyer being owed any rights for whatever purpose or reason.
Any complaint or claim does not entitle the buyer to suspend payments.
Any advance never bear interest.
All payments must necessarily be performed by the Buyer, through bank transfers to accounts at the same payable, current accounts of BER-MAR Srl, and / or with means to guarantee full traceability of the same in compliance with any legislation in place , with specific indication of the identity of the invoice to which they refer, and by virtue of the contract which was issued.
Should some payments, to be made always and exclusively by bank transfers, were to be performed by a company different from today's contractor, will burden the latter first inform, in writing, BER-MAR Srl of that fact, indicating the full details of the company that will make payments (company name, registered office, fiscal code and VAT number, names, personal details and residence addresses of directors and shareholders), including through delivery of updated business profile, the account number from which the payment will be executed, the traceability of the same in that company, the indication of the bills that will be settled and the agreement by virtue of which they were issued as well as the explicit justification and legal reasoning underlying to such a request, with any questions concerning the legal and commercial dealings between the parent company and obliged that will make the payment; it is understood that BER-MAR ​​Srl, regardless of any difference in the assessments, will be justified in not accepting the payment by the company different from the original contractor, without thereby incurring late payment creditor under Article 1206 commercial code.
It is expressly agreed, and also pursuant to and for the purposes of Art. 1456 cc, that failure to comply with the foregoing clauses (Article 1, .n.1.1 and n.1.2) will result in the termination of the present contract
- Regardless of any prior evaluation already made by the parties as to the gravity and importance of the failure
- No need to regard any act of formal notice and without prejudice to any action and responsibility for all the damages.


In the absence of specific indications, the packaging, where it is necessary, we have prepared the best and always at the expense of the Buyer, no responsibility on.


Any complaints or claims made by the buyer on the finished product must be communicated in writing to the seller or directly to the BER-MAR Srl within 8 days of receipt of goods.


The responsibilityof strictly limitedto the obligationsspecifiedaboveand isthereforeclearlyagreed thatwe accept no liabilityfor damages resultingfromhellof any kind thatoccurin the useof the products sold, whether they areconsidered defectiveor not, andeven in cases wherethe choice ofapplication has beenrecommended bystaffof theTrade Organizationof theBER-MARS.r.l.

In the realization oftheelectricalandmechanicalcouplingthe user isin any caseobliged,under hisexclusive responsibility,to work diligentlyandto provide forthesafety device equipment accordingtodirectives, standardsandtechnical rules applicable, and otherwiseadequate tolimitdamageto persons or propertyresulting fromanydefects.


Place of performancefor both partiesis the supplier's offices.Place of jurisdictionfor all disputes arisingdirectlyor indirectlyfrom the contractual relationship, including in the case ofactionsfornon-paymentofbills of Exchangeorcheques,processesisthereforethat of theCourt of BOLOGNAwherethe selling company.

In the relations between the partiesshall only applyItalianlawandis not appliedonsub-dictionaryUN (Vienna Convention).


In accordance with Art.1523-1524of the Italian civil code,the transfer of ownershipof the goodssubject of salewill only take place afterthe completepayment of theagreed price.The buyeruntil the extinctionof its debtisthenrequired to keepthe delivered itemthat heholdsin custodywith the diligenceof a good father.

Clauses todemonstratespecifically:




4) delivery dates;

5) deliveries;


7) packaging;


9) warranty;

10)liability for damages;

11)place of performanceand place of jurisdiction;

12) transfer of title.


The data andinformationcontained in ourtechnical documentation,replace theprevious editionswhich arethereforeto be consideredoutdated.

Alltechnical data, dimensionsandweights indicatedin our cataloguesare subject to changewithout notice.Illustrations are not binding.The data and informationarealso availableon the

We invite you toregularly consultthe technical documentationavailableon themto learn all thefeatures andperformanceupgradesmade toour productsin the absence ofwhat is necessary, please consultourtechnical/commercial service.



Information on disposal of electrical and electronic equipment directive 2002/96 EC on compliance (WEEE).

Caution: to dispose of this product do not use the ordinary dust bin.

Electrical and electronic equipment must be treated separately and in accordance with legislation that requires proper treatment, recovery and recycling of these products.

After the provision implemented by Member States, private individuals resident in the EU States may return used electrical and electronic equipment free of charge to designated collection centers.

If you have difficulty in finding the applicable collection point for disposal, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product.

National law provides for sanctions against persons who carry out illegal disposal or abandonment of waste electrical and electronic equipment.